The Motown Kubb Showdown is the premiere kubb tournament in the Metro Detroit area. It is currently the only kubb tournament in Southeast Michigan, and one of three in the state (the other two are both held in Alanson, Michigan). Don’t let the name Motown Kubb Showdown intimidate you— this event is meant be a fun day for all players regardless of their experience playing kubb.

Deets and Beats!

  • September 22, 2018
  • Walter and Mary Burke Park on the shores of Lake St. Clair in downtown New Baltimore, Michigan
  • No team? No problem! This tournament will be a scrambler (players will be randomly paired up with different teammates for each round, earning points for wins/ties, and then seeded into the championship scrambler rounds).
  • Kubb United’s Rules for Open Play format will be used.
  • Kubb sets will be provided by
  • 100% In-bounds and the Friendly Neighbor Rule will be used.
  • Get in the groove with the hits of Motown throughout the day!
  • More details to come!

Diggin’ the sweet sound of the Motown Kubb Showdown but not sure what kubb is? No problem! Throughout the summer leading up to the tournament, Motor City Kubb will be hosting meet-ups where anyone can come learn how to play kubb or practice their game. Stay tuned for more information about these casual kubb gatherings.

Stop, in the name of kubb! The Motown Kubb Showdown is coming to New Baltimore, Michigan on Sept. 22nd!





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